Easy Business Intelligence.

It's like having a chief financial officer at your side. For growth businesses.

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Simple, powerful analytics

Make better business decisions. Effortlessly.

Project your sales and expenses to see exactly where your business will end up. Easily test your decisions and see how they will affect your finances.

“I love Startegy, it’s something I use every day. It really makes me less reliant on my accountant and CFO. I really love how granular it gets.”
Jon Prather
Jon Prather, The Prather Practice
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Receive CFO guidance.

Expert advice, accessible for anyone.

Our automated system gives you actionable advice for financial planning, risk management, and decision making. Skip hiring a CFO, which is usually too expensive for small businesses anyway.

“Startegy is ground breaking software that helps me understand the numbers in my business like never before. I’d recommend this software to any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level.”
Arthur Boutin
Arthur Boutin, Screen Savers Inc

True business intelligence

Grow your business.

Know when to change, adapt, and grow. Introduce your new product lines, add a new service. Hire more people. Predict marketing, get funding, change your pricing strategy. It’s a breeze to grow and expand your business with Startegy.

“This program in a short amount of time has really helped me organize our analytics into a beautifully designed interface. So thank you for that!”
Michael Tobin
Michael Tobin, Initial Focus

Integrate with QuickBooks

See how your business is doing in real-time.

Set goals for your business and track your progress. Easily see and understand your cash flow. Leave the guessing out of it.

“I thought I was doing a great job until I found Startegy. It was the exact tool I was looking for, and I had no idea how empowering it was going to be for our business. I’m more excited about this new year more than any year prior because of the data we are attacking it with.”
Matt Frisbie
Matt Frisbee, Woodrow Marketing
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