- The Mission -

To give non-accountants (that’s pretty much all of us) accountant-level understanding of their business.

Our Progress

This has been a LOOOONG time coming!

Startegy was a great little idea. We wanted to create a financial solution that made it easier for people to see and understand how their business was doing and where it was going.

We are three guys that came together serendipitously and have created an incredible software.
For a long time the Startegy software was not free. In fact, it was pretty spendy. We had a lot of loyal customers, but we felt we were still not creating the solution we had dreamed of. The solution that could really change small businesses around the world. When we made the change to free, I received several excellent recommendations to good therapists. But despite the thoughts that we were crazy, we persevered.

Startegy is now an incredible solution that meets the needs of small businesses everywhere. We’re proud of how far it has come and we’re thrilled for the features in store.

Thanks for being a part of the Startegy journey.

- Justin Hatch

Meet the Team

Ryan Anderson

The Numbers Guy

Although he missed out on bitcoin, this otherwise brilliant financial guru is the brains behind the analytics.

Justin Hatch

The Boss

He’s one of the crazies that left Wall Street to help the world of small business.

Andy Hansen

Lead Nerd

Running purely on caffeine, this guy is the programming ninja every company wants to steal.


Startegy is headquartered in Springville, UT.

691 W Spring Creek Pl
Springville, UT 84663