Change the Way You Think About Business Dashboards

Startegy is changing the way you think about and interact with business dashboards. Before the advent of Startegy, there were certain things that you thought of when you heard the term “dashboard.” You may hear “dashboard” and think it requires a lengthy setup process, includes too much information, contains useless data, is too expensive, and the list goes on. Startegy is changing the way you think about dashboards forever.

Prioritize Your KPIs

Dashboards are built on a set of priorities. Too frequently, priorities are defined by IT personnel that don’t really know which metrics are vital to growing a business. That results in views into the data that don’t align with the actual priorities of the business. Also, setup of a dashboard can take months. This won’t happen with Startegy. Our CEO and CFO have identified the metrics that every business needs to track to ensure growth and business health. Zero setup is required, so you can get your insights faster.

Get the Right Information

Many dashboards simply include too much information. Many organizations don’t know which key metrics to monitor so they end up monitoring way too many metrics—some that don’t matter at all. This approach results in data overload, rendering your dashboard useless. Again, Startegy has eliminated the metrics that would only bog you down in data. We’ve only included the essential metrics to facilitate your growth.
Another problem that many dashboard users have experienced is the problem of using old data. Startegy updates your data in real-time using Quickbooks so you don’t have to experience stale data. Updating data in real-time allows users to recognize when a metric starts to deviate from its goal and then take the actions necessary to correct it. You want to make evidence-based decisions and the only way to do that is with real-time data.

Get Rid of Old Data

Business dashboards can cost you thousands of dollars just to setup. Then you add on a monthly fee and you’ve paid way more than you ever wanted to. The cost of many dashboards just isn’t feasible for most small businesses. Startegy gives small businesses access to a clean dashboard by offering a low monthly rate.
These differences may seem small, but people that are familiar with dashboards understand that these differences are significant. Use Startegy and you will change the way you think about business dashboards forever.