Transforming Bookkeepers Into Quarterbacks

I sat down Monday night to watch Monday Night Football, part of my regular routine. I have a decent idea of what I’m looking for when I watch it. I’m no John Madden, although I doubt John Madden ever managed three fantasy football teams at one time. There were two well-known quarterbacks and a few other very popular players. However, I didn’t know the name of a single offensive lineman on either team. Most fans aren’t able to identify any of the offensive linemen they watch, yet they can easily name each quarterback that plays. Offensive linemen get little recognition for what they do, but they are among the most valuable contributors to a football team. Bookkeepers, like offensive lineman are among the most valuable contributors in a business but also aren't receiving much recognition.

Everything Hinges on the Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers record daily financial transactions, including purchases, receipts, sales and payments. Small businesses use Quickbooks or similar software to keep track of their entries, debits, and credits. Ultimately, bookkeepers make sure their efforts culminate in a trial balance, which means the final total of debits and credits match.

Good bookkeepers check the numbers backward and forward to ensure they got everything right. Additionally, an effective bookkeeper may help in recognizing trends in business and identify the root causes. Every piece of data that is input eventually reaches the CEO and other executives who must have 100% accurate and reliable data.

The bridge between the bookkeeper and a CEO is the CFO. CFOs live in the present and look to the future. They base decisions on experience and analysis with growth in mind. CFOs forecast the future using past reports and they must think outside the box to solve problems... not exactly the job description of a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers make sure the reports that the CFO receives are accurate so there is a solid bridge between accounting and management. The CFO receives data from the bookkeeper, and then the CFO makes sense of the data and reports it to the CEO. Unfortunately, many small companies don’t have the resources to have a CFO, which means bookkeepers are tasked with presenting data directly to the CEO.

Demonstrate Your Value with No Extra Work

Having the opportunity to directly demonstrate your worth to your CEO is valuable but it provides bookkeepers with specific challenges. It can be difficult for bookkeepers to present the data in a way that is easy for CEOs to digest. First, the numbers themselves are sometimes complicated, which makes it hard for an executive to understand what action should follow. Second, bookkeepers are numbers people so sometimes it’s difficult for bookkeepers to communicating actionable decisions to a CEO. Having explained those difficulties, there is an easy way to solve the disconnect that many bookkeepers and CEOs are experiencing.

Every business is trying to eliminate confusion and reduce time. CEO's and executives often look at summary data and are not experts in every aspect of a business which is why they hire others to do things better then they could. Startegy has set out to become the bridge between inputted data and understanding. Startegy is the exact tool that you need to increase the recognition you’re receiving from your CEO.

Stop Sending Reports

Startegy will take you from the offensive line and put you center-stage, where you will receive the recognition that your hard work deserves. The beauty of Startegy is that is doesn't require any work or setup. It was designed to take data that is already input into QuickBooks and then translate it into digestive charts, images, and key performance indicators. It's an executive reporting tool that integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly. Startegy delivers actionable visualized data to your CEO real-time. There is no longer a need to send reports or have endless meeting trying to understand the ins and outs of the business.

Startegy makes businesses aware of there financial performance, which makes it easy to carry on with business goals. With Startegy, changes in accounts receivables, payable, cash on hand, margins, individual income accounts and expenses are now easily understood. Stop sending emails to someone else to translate your hard work. Connect to Startegy and watch your value go through the roof.