How it works

Take the tour below to see exactly how to start and finish your business plan and financial forecast.

1 Set up your business.

Company Profile

Simple, easy setup.

2 Develop your forecast.

Build Forecast

Add your team, sales, expenses, and cash. Once you complete your forecast, all the calculations and projections are done for you.

Integrate with QuickBooks to keep your forecast current.


3 Write your business plan.

Write Business Plan

Your forecast is automatically pulled into your business plan. Now simply add text to showcase your business. The business plan builder walks you through everything you need.

4 Download your plan.

Download Business Plan

Download into a PDF for easy printing and sharing.

5 Make Decisions, Stay Up to Date.

Maintain Financial Forecast

Come back to see how your business is doing compared with your forecast. Make forecast changes as your business changes.

Start your forecast and business plan now.

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